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National Parks

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A natural heritage


One hundred and fifty thousand hectares of natural riches that extend between the provinces of Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro. A natural heritage where the diversity of the landscapes, the variety of animal and plant species and the beauty of the places have made opportune the constitution of the National Park of Sila That protects the treasures. This is the oldest national park in Calabria, among the top 5 born in Italy. An area that, while retaining its fascinating appearance of wild and unspoilt area, hits the visitor thanks to the many characteristic villages that it hosts, the exquisite welcome and the opportunity to practice many outdoor sports. Every moment of the year is right to admire and enjoy the beautiful territory of this land with a thousand resources. Called the “Green lung of Calabria” is a suitable place for trekking even more days in autumn, while in winter is equipped with excellent facilities

To reach downhill tracks and enchanting cross-country tracks. Land of ancient tradition, the Sila has preserved intact its ancient flavours at the table, to taste perhaps in a beautiful mountain hut. Finally, in this place they found their natural habitat a rich flora and fauna, its vegetation is represented by the Pine Larìcio, present together with the beech and the white fir also in the beautiful Forest of the Giants which is home to wolves and deer. To be noted, the lovers of birdwatching, the presence of many birds of prey, including the royal Kite, the Biancone and the Eagle Owl. Not to be missed in Calabria is also the National Park of Aspromonte in the province of Reggio Calabria where at only 1400 meters above sea level you can ski between the white snow with the blue sea in front! In short, a land with the mountain a few steps from the sea ideal for those who want to combine a healthy sport!

Nature, beauty and culture come together


In 1993 the Pollino National Park is finally set up to preserve the enjoyment of the new generations with our spectacular landscapes. The Pollino National Park is a treasure chest where nature, beauty and culture blend with its fresh and clean airs. The park covers 192.265 hectares of territory between Basilicata and Calabria. The heart of the park consists of the Pollino group, which reaches the highest peak with the Serra Dolcedorme is about 36 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea and just 25 km from the Ionian Sea; This closeness to the sea greatly influences the climate by placing it in a Mediterranean climatic context with a rich flora represented by at least 1500 species of the 5600 surveyed in the Italian territory. The Pollino Park is also famous for the presence of the loricate pine,

It is a “living fossil” from an evolutionary point of view. The nucleus is present in Italy, only in the Pollino National Park. The wolf is the true symbol of wild nature and not completely contaminated by the millennial activity of man. You think that when he was given up for extinct in Italy, he survived the Pollino and a few other mountain massifs of the Apennines. Elusive, intelligent, prudent, cunning is practically invisible even if it passes us closer than we can imagine. The historical centers of the Pollino area are rich in little-known and hidden works. The historical sedimentation of Greece, Latin and many other peoples has left little traces in dialects, traditions, art and architecture. A good guide will help you discover them.