Porto di Tropea S.p.A.
Via Raf. Vallone, Tropea
Vibo Valentia, 89861, Italia.
+39 0963 61548
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  /  Tropea

A fantastic journey

The story of tropea

What a great trip you discover the Calabria. As if Mother Nature had created her in the image of a charming and savage woman. Abundant in the gifts, romantic in the colors but at the same time grummy like its cliffs that are impetuous passionate on the sea. In the beautiful coast of the gods, nestled like a precious pearl and famous all over the world, place of ancient legends and Millenary history, rises The Beautiful Tropis. The origins of the city are wrapped in legend. It is said that Hercules, resting on this cliff, called it Tropea in honor of his nurse Juno. Others want it founded by Scipio Africanus or by sixth Pompey who brought their trophies here after fighting and winning. The first against Carthage, the second against Caesar Octavian. Surely it seems a place created on purpose as dwelling for the gods. In any case, the rocky Boulder always offered a safe shelter to the men who came here by sea or on the ground since the Stone Age.

Many finds, in fact, testify settlements dated 3000 years before Christ and indicate Tropea as part of Magna Grecia. For its position, for its beauty, it was always a contested city, and favoured, by emperors, kings, rulers who alternated in time. Justinian, in 535, ordered his general Belisarius to fortify the town with walls that can still be admired on the east side of the city. In good and evil they left their Byzantine imprint, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angiones, aragoneses and finally the Bourbons, before reaching the unification of Italy. The story followed its course and Tropea, defended by its walls, was part of history enjoying extraordinary privileges and governed practically by itself, always characterized by a great cultural and working vivacity. It enriched itself with monuments, churches, convents and palaces. The old town still boasts the dwellings of the noble Tropean families who once ruled over a vast territory.

A spectacle of nature

Beaches and coves

Its beautiful white beaches and its transparent seabed, where every day the sunset gives warm colors to its waters, in a show that lasts a few minutes to give an eternal memory, are an event that never tires its viewers. The beach of the roundabout, bounded by the rock of San Leonardo is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tropea. The beach ‘ A Linguata is one of its largest beaches and borders on the left with the island and on the right with the rocks the mixes, area of interest for those who practice diving.

Another beautiful beach is the convent beach, so named for the presence of a convent that partly overlooks it creating a suggestive setting. About 1 Km from the town is the beach of Passo Cavalieri, the largest, favorite destination of foreign tourists and the ideal place to practice diving. The smallest of the beaches, but also the less crowded of the Tropeano coast, is the beach of the cannon.

Welcoming and generous

The town

Perched on a cliff, the ancient town is reflected in a sea of incredible transparencies and all around beaches and beach of white sand. Majestic rocks emerge from the waters or are protrude from the waves as silent guardians of the city. On the cliff, the old houses of the old town seem to be set directly in the rock and are cluting each other with sunsets of extraordinary beauty. The alleys open suddenly in delightful squares where smells and flavors will make you feel at home. The meekness of the climate is like a deep caress that envelops you, relaxes you, in addition to making Tropea a place kissed by the climate and visitable from March to November with the presence of a sun that gently touches you.

Its strategic position and its mild climate have always facilitated agricultural production (just think of the famous Tropea onion) But in recent years new peoples invade the town and its territory. It is the people of the tourists to which Tropea hands out its warmest welcome and dresses with party clothes. Today Tropea lives a new season. The tourist flows have made famous its beauties, its climate, its sea, its genuine products, its history. The town has always been growing alive with new life, with an avant-garde marina, with new and many hotels, restaurants and B & B.

A place of interest

Old Town

Of great interest is the old town, where there are churches and palaces of various eras and where it is possible to take walks among the stalls and local handicraft shops and to taste the various typical products in the restaurants of the place. Among the most important buildings is the diocesan museum, the Cathedral of Norman origin and finally the suggestive sanctuary of Santa Maria Dell’isola,

Center of great Environmental interest, artistic and tourist station of international renown. Around the sanctuary there is a beautiful garden full of Mediterranean plants with a beautiful view to the sea that offers a very suggestive panoramic of the whole coast, besides being a very romantic place, frame of loves and weddings.

In the background of Tropea

The view

In the background you can glimpse the Aeolian Islands with Stromboli and volcano very visible, Sicily with the majestic Etna and the expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea in front. Every tourist who spends his holidays in the small village of Tropea remains in love and remains in their hearts as a reminder

Asking him to return to visit him. Its sunset heats the heart and its sea is a mirror that reflects only the most beautiful image of those who visit; Because Tropea makes you happy, and there is no more beautiful picture of a happy tourist.