Porto di Tropea S.p.A.
Via Raf. Vallone, Tropea
Vibo Valentia, 89861, Italia.
+39 0963 61548
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The Harbor

  /  The Harbor


The Port of Tropea S.p.A. indicates that at the entrance of the port, under the Green Lighthouse, there is a sand-dry, bordered by yellow buoys, not bright. Pending removal, it is advisable to enter the center of the channel.

A safe harbor

the 5 ports of Hercules

The port of Tropea, is one of the five ports of Hercules, chosen along with four others of the Mediterranean, for having hosted the landing of Hercules returning from Spain. It rises at the foot of the beautiful rock of Tropea and in ancient times was the rock of San Leonardo, natural shelter of the boats; A landing since then safe for the commercial ships that docked here.

Its flat and sandy seabed reflect on the sea the sun rays creating games of colors and harmonious transparencies that make of the port a tourist paradise, where to moor and to enjoy the wonder of the place all around. For its backdrop, its colors and its calm waters, the port is often given the designation of “swimming pools”.

600 berths


The port of Tropea today has 600 berths able to accommodate megayachts up to 55 meters with backdrops ranging from 3 to 5 meters and all moorings are equipped with balusters for the supply of water and electricity (220/380 V. Which is supplied with an electronic key to consumption. The VHF channel is number 9.

In order to ensure the utmost tranquillity of the users, the entire port area is monitored by a video surveillance service and the port entrances, including piers and services, are managed with magnetic cards or security codes.

A comfortable stay


Marina Resort of last generation, the port of Tropea, is not only a place to moor but where to live in full your holiday, suitable for the family who seeks comfort and tranquility or the group of friends who want to live the warm nights of summer. In the midst of many flower beds, the Marina is equipped with all the necessary facilities to make your stay comfortable and a reception always available to organize each facility.

The port village will satisfy your every need, from the laundry to the Market, from the new toilets (complete with showers, WC, washbasin and bidet) to the next opening of a pool-fitness area and there is no shortage of shopping area! It is also only three minutes from the historic center of Tropea and the worldliness of one of the most beautiful and touristic towns of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with which the port is connected by a free shuttle bus to its portisti.

An exclusive place


A point of excellence within the port is the Marina Yacht Club Tropea, with a revaluation and modernization of the turret located on the North Quay of the port that offers an evocative panoramic view of the port and the city above him. The Marina Yacht Club Tropea is an exclusive place, a meeting point between experience and taste, which will therefore have as a common passion for its members and visitors, the love for the sea and the flavours of the sea.

A unique experience that gives prestige to the port and Tropea, which have always been on the same road in the development of a high tourism. Equipped with a beautiful amphitheatre with 600 places that animates in the summer nights so many events and cultural shows, concerts and much more and that has as spectators you and the sea behind it.

Tropea and surroundings


Last but not least, it is the wonderful position of the Marina in the Mediterranean, from here you can visit Capo Vaticano, Parghelia, Ricadi, Briatico and Zambrone, the obligatory stages of a route where the protagonist is the clear sea, framed by white sandy beaches from which you can enjoy beautiful views. There are three routes out of Tropea for the commanders who want to sail our coast: to the east, to go up the coast towards Vibo Marina – where there is an equipped port – and towards the west, in the direction of Capo Vaticano, where it is possible to reach the port of Gioia Taur Or.

While to the southwest you can find the Aeolian Islands with the Stromboli that in the Tropean sunsets and in the waters of the Navy you see almost “stealing” the sun of the day that goes away, leaving to its viewers the charm and the thrill of an unforgettable holiday. In addition, the port is connected daily with the Aeolian Islands, becoming an ideal transit point to stop towards a dream holiday.