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Itineraries and cultural heritage

  /  Itineraries and cultural heritage

A great historical and cultural heritage


The Calabria, however, is not only a bathing area, thanks to the mild climate, the beautiful sunny days, but also has a great historical and cultural heritage that makes it a land to visit throughout the year.

The Calabria in the historical eras has always been a point of passage being in the center of the Meditarraneo. Romans, Greeks, Lombardi, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Angioines and aragoneses; They brought their own cultures, traditions, habits and customs, making Calabria a land of many facets. Such fascinating medieval villages were born with majestic stately palaces dominated by imposing castles (VD. Santa Severina, Zungri, Gerace, Scilla). The presence of these historical treasures then buy even more value if they blend with the natural beauties that surround them.

The attractions well known and known to the most, like the bronzes of Riace famous in all the way, but also the most hidden treasures, like the hermitage of Sant’Elia the Elder, in Curinga, passing through many intermediate stages reflecting the history, the art and the culture of the Calabria , from the Catholic of Stilo, to the archaeological park Scolacium, the Vivarium of Cassiodoro, the Roman Baths in Acconia of Curinga, the painting of Mattia Preti in Taverna, and Salvatore Fiume in Fiumefreddo Bruzio, and still the tradition of wood carving and the processing of Yarn, the art of working copper and painting ceramics, a tour of Calabria to discover the excellence Calabrian, a world often unexplored, but really rich and varied, able to offer much to the visitor, even to the most attentive.